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Dixon, remain the all-time best-selling series of books for boys, with well over titles published, including three series of paperback books. Of course, there was no Franklin W. Not really. He was merely a house name for a long, long string of rotating authors working for the syndicate, a kind of literary sweatshop, working from supplied plot outlines, and following some strict guidelines: — low death rates, as many action verbs as possible and a ban on kissing. Supposedly, Edward Stratemeyer discreetly scheduled his appointments so writers would not bump into or recognize one other.

In fact, although the syndicate took credit for the house name of Dixon, the actual writer of the first sixteen novels for a flat rate of a eighty-five — and later a hundred — bucks apiece was Canadian novelist Leslie McFarlane, who named Dixon after two of his brothers, Frank and Wilmot, who was also known as Dick hence, both the W. Revisions ranged from slight tinkering to, in some cases, completely new stories. Perhaps it was all well-intentioned, but it was basically literary castration.

But the slam-bang action and danger-packed, thrill-a-minute atmosphere of the original stories was also too often replaced by annoyingly cautious, overly polite, non-offensive prose. Hey, these were supposed to be pulp! The subsequent, toned-down versions were certainly read — all the boys in my Grade Six class at St.

And on it goes. Upon his death, his daughter took over his company. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content. The P. Calendar Have You Heard the News?

Created by Franklin W. Dixon pen name, naming the pseudonym after a few of his relatives. It stands alone as the only novel ever written by wife Amy. One story is that Leslie was away on a fishing trip when the outline came in. Could that be true? Dixon, although the actual authors, when known are listed below. The Crisscross Crime Hardy Boys Hardy Boys Casefile 2: Evil, Inc. The publisher promised a new book every other month, but the series was cancelled in Or at least a bit. George Fayne.

Carson Drew. Ned Nickerson. Hannah Gruen. Burt Eddleton. Dave Evans.

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The Mystery of the Hardy Boys and the Invisible Authors

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Bob "Dr.

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The Mystery of the Hardy Boys and the Invisible Authors

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